Meet The Team

Corinna Lim

Executive Director, AWARE
Senior Consultant and Keynote Speaker

Corinna is a respected leader in Singapore’s non-profit sector, known for transforming AWARE from a volunteer-led entity to a professionally-staffed organisation. She has been a passionate advocate for over three decades, addressing social issues like discrimination, workplace harassment, single parenting, and LGBTQ+ rights.

With a diverse background in law and founding a successful tech startup, Corinna also established the Sexual Assault Care Centre and launched Catalyse Consulting. Leveraging her experience, legal expertise, and Organisation Development training (NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science), she trains, advises, and supports organisations to promote safe, respectful and inclusive workplaces.

Fun facts: She interviewed Michelle Obama during a special event in Singapore, and as an identical twin, she embraces the power of nurture over nature. Corinna is a highly sought-after speaker on women’s rights and DEI.

Cynthia Chan

Lead Coach
Director, Head of Business Strategy

Cynthia, a corporate innovator and workplace strategist, who studies workplace habits, behaviour, and cultural biases is passionate about creating inclusive work environments where both individuals and businesses can thrive. Trained as an architect, she excels in identifying clients’ deep-rooted needs and designing solutions for the future. With three decades of experience in business management and talent development through effective people management skills, Cynthia leads as the Director of Business Strategy at Catalyse. In this pivotal role, she steers the company’s business strategy, ensuring its alignment with market demands and future growth opportunities. Beyond her executive role, Cynthia is the Lead Coach offering personalised sessions to senior leaders, leveraging her vast experience to foster organisational success and cultivate inclusive work environments.

Shaped by her upbringing as an immigrant minority, Cynthia believes in building inclusive workplaces by empowering others to act as change agents. Right out of university, she joined the US Air Force, specialising in Flight Simulator Facilities. It was here, as a woman in a male-dominated environment, that she embraced her strong personal voice.

Leveraging her natural leadership skills, Cynthia became the Chief Representative of an international interior design firm at the young age of 29. Later, as National Director of a Fortune 500 real estate firm and subsequently as Regional Managing Director of an international design firm, she expanded her responsibilities from national to regional, managing hundreds of employees across 16 branches in 7 countries. Cynthia connects with business leaders, by drawing on her extensive experience in a fast-paced, intense, and financially driven world, offering training, insight, and support in shaping workplace cultures.

Cynthia holds an IECL Certification in Organisational Coaching and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Counselling to enhance her ability to serve her clients with methods backed by scientific evidence. She also volunteers with The Female Factor as a mentor and advisor to the next generation of female leaders.

Chie van Slobbe

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Chie is a seasoned learning professional and DEI specialist with a demonstrated history of delivering high-impact, transformative learning solutions through effective consultation and analysis. Equipped with over two decades of experience in customer service, sales and relationship management, and leadership and talent development, Chie remains firmly committed to understanding the people at the core of every organisation so as to effect change from within. 

Having begun her career in sales and relationship management in the banking industry, Chie is adept at uncovering client needs in order to develop targeted solutions that get at the heart of the problem. In her role as a relationship manager, she consistently exceeded targets, by broadening the MNC client portfolio through cross-selling, or through growing SME and MME portfolios. 

Chie’s success as a frontliner facilitated her transition into the learning and development space, where she honed her expertise in designing and delivering train-the-trainer programmes. As a master trainer for HSBC’s core leadership programmes across 21 markets in APAC, she assumed regional head office responsibilities, overseeing the delivery and review of learning solutions to upskill local trainers across 15 countries. 

At Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong, Chie successfully rolled out the Inclusive Leadership Global Programme. Her experience in regional and global roles has strengthened her ability to communicate across cultures and connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

At Catalyse, Chie plays a key role in learning needs analysis and curriculum development. With her background in corporate banking, Chie is keenly attuned to the specific learning and development challenges faced by large organisations operating regionally and globally. 

As a dedicated coach and facilitator, Chie believes in leading with empathy and integrity in order to transform mindsets and catalyse growth.

Motivated by her passion to empower diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces, Chie has been volunteering with AWARE since moving to Singapore with her family in 2020. She also volunteers as a coach and mentor with Uplifters, empowering migrant domestic workers in Southeast Asia through education and community building.

Chie is a IECL Level 2 Organisational Coach, a LUMA Institute Human Centred Design practitioner, and a DiSC and DDI certified facilitator. 

Caroline Callow

Senior Consultant and OD Facilitator

Caroline is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) specialist who sees herself as a change agent in nurturing inclusive workplace environments. With a Master’s in Occupational Psychology (Birkbeck, University of London), she melds a people-centric approach with nearly two decades of deep domain knowledge in catalysing organisational development (OD). 

Having lived across diverse cultures, Caroline is an advocate for openness, empathy, and communication. Prior to joining Catalyse, she spearheaded the development of DEI solutions for multinational corporations, educational institutes, and government-linked organisations across APAC, EMEA, and the UK. 

In her time with the emergency services in South West England, Caroline led the design, implementation, and evaluation of transformative organisational and people development initiatives, including a structured educational and training plan for a 4000-strong workforce. 

Seeking to facilitate Myanmar’s democratic transition, Caroline served as OD lead at agencies such as World Learning and Save the Children International, working closely with ex-political prisoners, government agencies, religious organisations, and community leaders to build consultative, inclusive and situational people management capabilities.

A naturally curious and driven self-starter, Caroline took her expertise to the Seychelles, where she founded her own boutique consultancy. Tapping on her knowledge of applied behavioural science theories, she led the growth and professionalisation of government organisations such as the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Sychelles Police Force.

At Catalyse, Caroline brings her rich expertise in leading diversity with purpose and inclusiveness to the table, designing and executing D&I reviews and OD initiatives with transformative impact, and conducting executive coaching with a focus on inclusive leadership and empathetic communication. 

In her past experiences as a powerboating instructor and in designing sailing experiences for people with disabilities, Caroline experienced first-hand the importance of equipping each and every individual with the right tools, skills, and knowledge to defy limiting stereotypes. She is passionate about creating a better world for all, where everyone has the chance to excel, regardless of their identity markers. 

Caroline is registered with the British Psychological Society to use BPS psychometric testing in occupational, ability, and personality. She is also a Nonviolent Communication Mediator, and an MBTI Trainer.  

Pauline Gan

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Pauline is a lawyer by training with a diverse background spanning education, entrepreneurship, and arts publishing. Driven by passion to serve, she combines legal acumen with empathy, employing her facility with language as a tool for precision and persuasion. 

Prior to joining Catalyse, Pauline practised corporate law at one of Singapore’s Big Four law firms, before joining Nanyang Business School as a member of the faculty. Having graduated with a Master’s in Law from Harvard University, she introduced the Harvard Negotiation method to the curriculum, leading workshops and seminars at both the undergraduate as well as MBA levels for more than a decade.  

Drawing on her legal expertise, Pauline pivoted into an entrepreneurial role in the medical field. As Director and Practice Manager, she helped grow The Oral Maxillofacial Practice from a small team of five to a 40-person strong, locally and regionally well-recognised specialist dental practice.

Ever drawn to new challenges and opportunities, Pauline obtained her second Master’s in Asian Art Histories at LASALLE College of the Arts. Her love for the arts led her to co-found Plural Art Mag, a leading online publication dedicated to modern and contemporary Southeast Asian art. Through business management and working on the ground with arts professionals, Pauline played a vital role in the development of arts criticism in the region. 

Having experienced working under immense pressure in a high-stakes corporate environment early in her career before accumulating a wealth of experience across various fields, Pauline is an advocate for inclusive workplace cultures where individuals are able to thrive to the best of their abilities.

At Catalyse, Pauline specialises in writing workplace anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies tailored to the unique needs of each organisation, and in conducting investigations with a trauma-informed approach. As a long-time member of AWARE, she is committed to the values of gender equality and diversity. In conducting training and development sessions, she draws on her background in education, facilitating a collaborative and consultative learning environment where knowledge is co-created rather than merely imparted. 

An avid reader, Pauline volunteers with ReadAble, an organisation that aims to reduce social inequalities through literacy classes for children from less privileged backgrounds. She continues to support the arts as Board Member of Wild Rice, one of Singapore’s preeminent theatre companies.

Penelope Shone 

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Penny is a specialist in reputation management, culture change, strategy and performance. As a Managing Director at Citigroup and then General Electric, Penny led regional and global teams through culture change, public affairs strategy, issues management, social innovation and brand marketing for 20 years. Prior to this, she consulted for the world’s largest communications agencies with public sector, national and multinational clients in the UK and Asia.

Penny is a dynamic and engaging trainer who brings her love of engaging with people to Catalyse. She has in-depth knowledge of Singapore and global markets, international leadership and talent development. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Management from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore, and a Master’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Stirling, UK.

Rain Khoo


Rain brings two decades of diverse experience to his current role, with a background that spans MNCs, Government, Start-ups and SMEs. His passion lies in fusing different disciplines to craft solutions that balance human dignity and organisational objectives. As a General Manager, he led the transformation of a 350-person, 3 country retailer into eCommerce. His tenure as a Creative Director at Procter & Gamble saw him using user-centricity to drive innovation, earning accolades for pioneering methodology in market insights.

Now as part of Catalyse, Rain works on culture change management, creating DEI strategies for Asian organisations and guiding them through the intricacies of execution. The Catalyse approach stands out with its optimised and capability-building approach, that aims for social impact within the organisation and in broader society. Rain holds a certification for Diversity and Inclusion from the ESSEC Business School. 

In 2017, he co-founded TransgenderSG, which enables safe and legal transitioning, and destigmatisation of the community. In 2022, he started Dignité Brands, a consultancy for impact that works with social enterprises and the circular economy. He is a mentor with Singapore’s Management University’s Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and is certified as a management consultant by TUV.