Globally, a survey of more than 83,000 people in 57 countries showed that one in every two people held moderately or highly ageist attitudes. Here's why this is a problem.
Have you ever experienced the discomfort and awkwardness of having your name mispronounced or misspelt at work? You’re not alone. 
Is it appropriate to give compliments based on physical appearance in the workplace? It depends on Who, What, and Where. Here are some factors to consider and suggestions for inclusive phrasing.
A toxic culture inflicts damage that often remains unseen. It seeps into the everyday lives and mindsets of employees, corroding morale, productivity, and trust. While the manifestations of a toxic culture are frequently alarming, the real costs tend to accumulate gradually over time.
With a multi-pronged strategy carried out consistently, firms can work in tandem with both government and community to build a world that is inclusive and fair to all.