Cynthia, a corporate innovator and workplace strategist, who studies workplace habits, behaviour, and cultural biases is passionate about creating inclusive work environments where both individuals and businesses can thrive. Trained as an architect, she excels in identifying clients’ deep-rooted needs and designing solutions for the future. With three decades of experience in business management and talent development through effective people management skills, Cynthia leads as the Director of Business Strategy at Catalyse. In this pivotal role, she steers the company’s business strategy, ensuring its alignment with market demands and future growth opportunities. Beyond her executive role, Cynthia is the Lead Coach offering personalised sessions to senior leaders, leveraging her vast experience to foster organisational success and cultivate inclusive work environments.

Shaped by her upbringing as an immigrant minority, Cynthia believes in building inclusive workplaces by empowering others to act as change agents. Right out of university, she joined the US Air Force, specialising in Flight Simulator Facilities. It was here, as a woman in a male-dominated environment, that she embraced her strong personal voice.

Leveraging her natural leadership skills, Cynthia became the Chief Representative of an international interior design firm at the young age of 29. Later, as National Director of a Fortune 500 real estate firm and subsequently as Regional Managing Director of an international design firm, she expanded her responsibilities from national to regional, managing hundreds of employees across 16 branches in 7 countries. Cynthia connects with business leaders, by drawing on her extensive experience in a fast-paced, intense, and financially driven world, offering training, insight, and support in shaping workplace cultures.

Cynthia holds an IECL Certification in Organisational Coaching and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Counselling to enhance her ability to serve her clients with methods backed by scientific evidence. She also volunteers with The Female Factor as a mentor and advisor to the next generation of female leaders.