The Future of Work is Gender Equal

We live in interesting times – a time of momentous change brought about by the pandemic, global social movements, demographic shifts, technological advances and climate change. Women in the Asia Pacific region have made significant progress over the decades. Yet, despite the fact that women outpace men in higher education, women’s leadership still lags far behind men in almost all domains and a significant gender pay gap still exists.

Going forward, what opportunities and challenges do these trends present to companies who want to recruit, retain and grow their female talent? How can companies lead the way to build a future that works for women?

This interactive webinar is designed for companies at the beginning of their journey of creating a more equal and equitable workplace for women. Participants will learn about the important role the workplace plays in the gender equality movement and where the world currently stands in its progress to achieve gender equality. Participants will also become better equipped with the knowledge of different ways each individual at every role in the workplace can contribute vitally to promoting gender equality in their workplace and society as a whole.

Programme Goals

  • Recognise how far or close we are to achieving gender equality
  • Understand why the workplace has become a driver of gender equality in society
  • Learn what you can do as a woman, male ally or manager to promote gender equality in the workplace and society.