Managing Professional Boundaries For Employees

Catalyse’s Managing Professional Boundaries For Employees workshop helps equip employees with basic understanding of the types of unwelcome behaviour that could amount to workplace discomfort, bullying or harassment. The session is peppered with various engaging activities from video, quizzes, group discussions to reflection. Real-life stories, drawn from our own experiences as well as from supporting people involved in workplace harassment incidents, are also shared. Participants will also learn practical tips for speaking up and how to respect professional boundaries in the workplace. There is an emphasis on intervening early to dismantle the harassment pyramid, and how to draw upon their power as active bystanders to maintain respectful and inclusive workplaces. 

Programme Goals

1. Understand the term harassment and identify unwelcome behaviours

2. Become more aware of the impact of their behaviour on others

3. Explore different ways of asserting professional boundaries

4. Know how to use their power as an active bystander

OPTIONAL: Pre-course questionnaire included so our team can better understand questions/concerns from your organisation.

What participants have to say

An eye opener, comprehensive content

– Nikel