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Anti-Harassment & Discrimination

Participants in these workshops will learn to identify and respond to various types of harassment, as well as interventions for bystanders and remedies for victims. These workshops prioritise finding appropriate solutions to address harassment to foster a positive workplace or campus culture that provides support and fairness to everyone involved. We offer customisable solutions tailored Read More

The Hidden Cost of Toxic Culture

A toxic culture inflicts damage that often remains unseen. It seeps into the everyday lives and mindsets of employees, corroding morale, productivity, and trust. While the manifestations of a toxic culture are frequently alarming, the real costs tend to accumulate gradually over time.

Managing Professional Boundaries For Employees

Empower employees to create a respectful workplace. Our interactive workshop explores workplace discomfort, bullying, and harassment. Engage in activities, real-life stories, and practical tips to recognise and address unwelcome behaviour. Learn the power of speaking up, respecting boundaries, and intervening early. Foster a culture of respect and inclusivity among employees.

Why anti-harassment programmes are often ineffective

This op-ed was originally published in The Business Times on 5 February 2021. Ask any company how it plans to combat workplace sexual harassment, and it will likely mention ā€œanti-harassment trainingā€. Sounds great in theory. But, in practice, are anti-harassment training programmes really effective? The short answer is: it depends. On their content, their delivery Read More

Managing Professional Boundaries in the Workplace

How do we set healthy boundaries at work? While weā€™ve made tremendous progress around gender bias and equality, harassment in the workplace remains a delicate topic in Singapore. Workplace harassment is any unwelcome conduct that arises from work, which causes harassment, alarm or distress to another person. It can violate a personā€™s dignity or create Read More