Non-Violent Communication

Duration: 3 hours

Discover the power of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in this transformative workshop. Inspired by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Empathic Communication framework, we equip leaders and employees with the skills to listen and communicate with empathy and compassion. By embracing empathic communication, we forge deep trust and connections within the organisation, sparking a magical transformation.

Leadership begins with inner work, and our workshop emphasises the importance of cultivating self-compassion and clarifying intentions. Genuine connection relies on a clear intention to connect, as communication devoid of this intention may be perceived as manipulative. By developing the ability to express oneself compassionately, individuals affirm their personal empowerment and take responsibility for their choices.

Listening in a way that makes others feel fully heard and understood requires embodied listening—engaging the mind, heart, and body. Granting someone the gift of undivided attention is an act of profound respect, affirming their worthiness.

Join us for the Nonviolent Communication Workshop, where we explore the transformative power of empathic communication, fostering empathy, and connection within your organization.

Programme Goals

  • To be able to build meaningful connections before rushing into solutions
  • To learn how to listen deeply to understand the essence and need when conflicts happen
  • To understand how to respond in an affirmative, respectful, and inclusive manner
  • To be able to express one’s requests as an invitation and not a demand
  • To be able to respond compassionately when someone says “no”

What participants have to say

The workshop offered new approaches and languages to deepen the trust level in the organisation. We are looking to gradually scale this learning so more people can benefit from this framework. Highly recommended to any organisation that is looking to build a high-performing team while cultivating an inclusive culture.

Global Travel Tech Company, San Francisco-based