Navigating Multigenerational Workforces

Catalyse’s Navigating Multigenerational Workforces workshop is an essential training program for professionals seeking to manage their unconscious biases towards different age groups, enabling them to contribute to creating more equitable, inclusive, and inspiring work environments.

The training is led by experienced facilitators and is delivered in an engaging format that increases awareness, providing actionable tools and direction to participants. This highly-rated workshop is not only informative but also enjoyable for participants, providing an interactive learning experience that fosters engagement through group discussions, case studies, quizzes, role-play scenarios, and Q&A sessions. Participants can apply the strategies they learn to manage their biases effectively, with a focus on real-life examples and scenarios that make it easy to apply the concepts to their daily work.

Overall, Catalyse’s Generational Biases Workshop provides a supportive and enjoyable environment for employees to grow, learn and contribute positively to their organisations.

Programme Goals

  • To have better awareness of your own unconscious biases
  • To have an understanding that having biases are normal
  • To have a better understanding of how biases have impact on our behaviour
  • To learn some strategies to minimise the negative impacts of generational bias