Mentoring to Build Women Leaders

Catalyse’s Women’s Mentoring Workshop is a vital program for mentors and leaders seeking to effectively mentor women and cultivate a diverse pool of women leaders. This interactive training addresses the unique leadership challenges faced by women within larger systems and the impact of intersecting social identities such as gender, race, class, age, religion, sexual orientation, and family/caregiver status.

Through this workshop, mentors will learn the importance of women’s mentorship programs, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. They will acquire valuable skills in addressing workplace issues, recognising and addressing unconscious biases, and fostering effective communication with their mentees. The workshop employs an engaging format, including group discussions, case studies, quizzes, roleplay, and Q&A sessions, facilitated by experienced trainers.

Participants will leave the workshop with practical tools and guidance to enhance their effectiveness as mentors. Positive feedback from attendees highlights the workshop’s transformative impact in empowering mentors. Join us to level up gender equality through effective mentoring and sponsorship of women.

Programme Goals

  • Understand how mentoring can be used to promote DEI
  • Discuss how Mentors can build women leaders by exploring gender sensitivity, unconscious gender bias and the ABCD of Sponsorship
  • Addressing the real workplace problem of gender inequality
  • Learn how to be Gender Sensitive, not Gender Blind
  • Learn how to be Be mindful of your Unconscious Bias
  • Learn the ABCD of Championship
  • Learn how to conduct a First Response – Recognise, Respond, Refer

What participants have to say

“From now on I am going to encourage my mentees to be courageous and speak up!”

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