Managing Professional Boundaries for Leaders

Catalyse’s transformative workshop, Managing Professional Boundaries for Leaders, is designed for C-suite executives and senior leadership. In this dynamic session, we address the evolving workplace landscape and equip leaders with the skills to navigate professional boundaries effectively.

As workplace norms and expectations shift, leaders must adapt. Our workshop explores building inclusive and psychologically safe organisations, role modeling for a positive company culture, and addressing workplace harassment. Through interactive activities and real-life case examples, participants gain valuable insights and enhance their leadership skills.

Join us for “Managing Professional Boundaries for Leaders” and tackle workplace challenges with confidence.

Programme Goals

  • Identify the types of harassment and unwelcome behaviours that may arise in work settings
  • Identify the power leaders hold in the organization and how to channel it effectively
  • Be more aware of how their actions in the workplace could potentially be construed by co-workers, staff and clients
  • Gain insights into cultural differences and areas of misunderstanding
  • Participants will understand how they can/need to play a part in directing and leading the change that we are trying to drive across the group
  • Understand internal process and procedures as leaders, where applicable.

OPTIONAL: Pre-course questionnaire included so our team can better understand questions/concerns from your organisation 

What participants have to say

“Thank you! Information was great and the training very dynamic.”

Banyan Tree Holdings