Investigation Techniques

Catalyse’s Investigation Techniques Workshop is the essential training for effectively managing workplace harassment cases. Led by experienced facilitators, this engaging workshop explores the psychology of interviewing, imparts effective listening techniques, and provides practical interview strategies. Through interactive group discussions, immersive case studies, realistic roleplay, and Q&A sessions, participants gain actionable tools to navigate workplace investigations with confidence. Join us and unlock the secrets to investigating workplace harassment with skill and expertise.

Program Goals

  • Explore the psychological aspects of interviewing and enhance communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Understand the significance of interviewer characteristics, including confidence, curiosity, and empathy.
  • Practice effective questioning techniques for active listening and responsive interviewing.
  • Develop the skills to conduct different types of interviews, ensuring personal boundaries and safety.

What participants had to say

We learned techniques on managing emotional and/or uncooperative interviewees and ensuring we stay neutral and fact finding focused!

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