Inclusive Leadership

In today’s increasingly diverse global marketplace, understanding and fostering inclusion critical to the role of a leader.

This workshop is designed to equip leaders with effective knowledge and skills to create more inclusive environments in their workplace and manage diverse groups and clients. Participants will learn to identify unconscious bias – social stereotypes that we all hold about certain groups or people outside of our own awareness, how it can be detrimental, and how to effectively combat it.

Through interactive sessions incorporating critical case studies and activities, participants will discuss the necessary strategies and techniques to cultivate inclusion in their workplace.

Participants will become more informed and better equipped to play their essential part as an inclusive leader to build stronger and more positive cultures of inclusion and respect in the workplace.

Programme Goals

  • Understand where your team is at regarding working effectively with diverse groups
  • Discover how unconscious bias can hold us back
  • Discuss key strategies to work inclusively
  • Make one commitment towards being an Inclusive Leader

What participants have to say

I enjoyed the workshop because we were free to share our thoughts and opinions!