First Responder’s Training (IHL)

Sexual harassment and assault are more common on campuses than we realize. As a First Responder (FR), you are often the first person with whom someone chooses to share their experience of potential sexual assault or harassment. Your role as an FR is critical in helping these victims by providing support, listening empathetically, and taking appropriate action.

This workshop is specifically designed for IHL’s, providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively handle reports of sexual misconduct. Through practical case studies and role-playing exercises, you will gain a deeper understanding of your responsibilities and boundaries as an FR. The workshop aims to have a practical impact, enabling you to listen empathetically and practice appropriate responses in your role as a First Responder.

Programme Goals

  • Understand what constitutes sexual assault and harassment
  • Learn Singapore’s legal framework on sexual assault and consent
  • Discuss impact of sexual assault and trauma on survivors
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of a First Responder
  • Learn how to provide support to survivors of sexual assault and harassment
  • Learn key skills such as ensuring safety, active listening and empathy

What participants have to say

Thank you for the helpful session!

National University of Singapore