Communicating Effectively Through Cross-Cultural Agility 

This training introduces participants to the concept of “cross-cultural agility,” which involves the ability to navigate cultural differences. Our Communicating Effectively through Cross-Cultural Agility training course is designed to set the stage for participants to understand the importance of developing cross-cultural communication skills in today’s globalised world.

We begin by acknowledging the reality that we are all part of a diverse and interconnected society, and that effective communication is essential to building and maintaining relationships across different cultural backgrounds. We will discuss the importance of cultivating empathy and cultural intelligence as key components of successful cross-cultural communication. We will explore the ways in which cross-cultural agility can help individuals and organisations thrive in today’s diverse and constantly evolving business landscape.

Overall, the introduction to our training course aims to provide a broad overview of the key concepts and themes that we will be exploring throughout the workshop and to create a sense of engagement and excitement about the potential for building cross-cultural communication skills.

Program Goals

  • To develop an understanding of the impact of culture on communication styles and behaviours.
  • To learn strategies for building cross-cultural relationships and communicating effectively with people from different cultures.
  • To develop skills for empathetic communication and active listening in cross-cultural contexts.
  • To explore the role of cultural humility in effective communication and building inclusive environments.

What participants have to say

The real life practical examples and the ample time spent on discussions in plenum were very useful!