Building an Inclusive Campus

Catalyse’s Building an Inclusive Campus workshop is essential for IHLs aiming to create a safer and more equitable environment. Led by experienced facilitators, this interactive workshop sensitises faculty members to understand and address sexual misconduct and equips them with the necessary skills to recognise and respond to various behaviours along the continuum of sexual misconduct.

Ideal for Residential Advisors & Fellows, Student Support Managers, and the Senior Leadership Team (Deputy Heads/Vice Deans of Student Life) within Singaporean universities, this workshop fosters a safe and inclusive culture. Through group discussions, case studies, quizzes, roleplay, and Q&A sessions, participants can apply the learned strategies to their day-to-day work. Real-life examples and scenarios enhance understanding and practical application.

Positive feedback from participants highlights the workshop’s effectiveness in equipping staff with strategies to effectively respond to sexual misconduct cases. It provides an excellent opportunity for staff to learn and grow together in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

This workshop is available both in-person in Singapore and virtually, catering to the needs of organisations in the region. By attending, participants gain a better understanding of creating a safer campus environment.

Programme Goals

  • Be able to identify the types of sexual misconduct behaviour that may arise in a IHL.
  • Become more aware of how their actions could potentially be construed by their co-workers and students.
  • Have a shared understanding of what classifies as consent to better respond to cases of sexual misconduct.
  • Learn how to handle sexual misconduct as a victim, witness or alleged offender. 

What participants had to say

The trainer was great in engaging participants and very encouraging towards responses!

National University of Singapore