Catalyse’s Allyship in the Workplace workshop is designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective allies in promoting diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. Led by experienced facilitators, this engaging workshop explores the concept of Allyship, its importance in fostering a positive work environment, and provides practical strategies for taking action. Through interactive group discussions, immersive case studies, role play, and Q&A sessions, participants will gain actionable tools to navigate Allyship with skill and expertise. Join us in this transformative workshop and unlock the secrets to becoming a meaningful ally in the workplace.

Programme Goals

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the role and qualities of an effective ally
  • Develop the ability to recognise and empathise with the impact of marginalisation in the workplace
  • Appreciate the transformative power of Allyship in fostering a positive and inclusive work environment
  • Explore the challenges involved in embracing the Allyship journey
  • Acquire practical strategies to take meaningful action and become an effective ally in your workplace

What participants have to say

The discussions were insightful. Sharing from all was great. This workshop opened my mind to Allyship and made me realise it is more than what it seems or what I think it is.

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