1:1 Coaching: Managing Unprofessional Behaviour

1-1 Coaching is an essential training program designed to address unwanted workplace behaviours. It helps professionals recognise the changing world, understand legislation and policies, gain different perspectives, strategise for growth, and develop new habits to create a more equitable, safe, and inclusive environment. This workshop is ideal for individuals who require individualised training to address workplace behaviour issues.

Catalyse offers one-to-one training and coaching programs led by experienced facilitators. The sessions are conducted in a conversational and engaging format, increasing awareness and providing actionable tools for behavior modification. The workshop covers global cultural shifts, acceptable behaviours, staff-student boundaries, and appropriate physical contact for educational settings.

Through role-play, discussions, Q&A sessions, and real-life examples, participants learn to apply strategies that lead to appropriate behaviour modification in their day-to-day work.

Catalyse’s 1-1 Coaching programs are available in Singapore and virtually, catering to the needs of organisations in the region. By attending this workshop, participants have the opportunity to improve their workplace behaviour in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

Programme Goals

  • To review specific situations and issues that has led to their participation
  • To understanding major global cultural shifts in acceptable behaviours, including reference to Singapore law and organisational policy, where applicable
  • To understand nuances in appropriate and inappropriate behaviours and reactions (e.g. physical/personal space boundaries; verbal comments and micro-aggressions)
  • Corrective action to ensure the coachee is clear on behaviours and the adjustments needed to correct any identified issues
  • Educational settings only; to establish staff-student boundaries and appropriate physical contact