Workshops can be tailored to organisational requirements

Anti-Harassment Participants in these workshops will learn to identify and respond to various types of harassment, as well as interventions for bystanders and remedies for victims.These workshops prioritize finding appropriate solutions to address harassment to foster a positive workplace or campus culture that provides support and fairness to everyone involved.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Our DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training courses provide a comprehensive understanding of how to create a more inclusive workplace culture. The courses are designed to equip participants with practical tools and strategies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our experienced trainers provide customized training solutions that cater to the specific needs of your organization. Contact us today to learn more about our DEI training courses and how they can benefit your workplace.

First Responder First Responders are the people who victims turn to when initially reporting experiences of harassment. In the workplace it could be a manager, a colleague, or HR. On campus it could be a member of faculty, a resident assistant, a resident fellow, or a member of staff. These early interactions can play a big part in all parties feeling fairly treated and ultimately improves outcomes.

While these trainings are called “First Responder” in fact anyone involved in managing such reports will benefit from this workshop. It is particularly beneficial for those dealing directly with parties to a complaint as well as leadership interested in ensuring their organisation manages such complaints well.

Tertiary Institutions We have a wide variety of training focused on the campus environment – for students, staff, faculty and leadership. If you do not see the specific workshop outline you are looking for, please contact as and we can discuss how we may be able to meet your training needs.