Cynthia Chan

Cynthia Chan

Lead Coach + Director, Head of Business Strategy

Cynthia is a renowned corporate innovator and workplace strategist, studying workplace habits, behaviour, and cultural biases while promoting diversity and inclusion throughout her 27-year career. Her designs have garnered global acclaim, attracting prestigious clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, Ogilvy, Citigroup, HSBC, Barclays, GE, and more.

At Catalyse, Cynthia leads initiatives to empower organisations in building RISE workplace cultures that are Respectful, Inclusive, Safe & Equitable. As a certified Executive Organisational Coach, she spearheads the 1-on-1 Coaching Service, providing unwavering support to individuals on their professional growth journeys while prioritising diversity and inclusion.

Cynthia’s journey reflects her commitment to creating inclusive environments. As an immigrant and one of two Chinese students in her school, she understands the importance of diversity. Her character and voice were discovered while working in the predominantly male-dominated field of Flight Simulators for the US Air Force.

Cynthia excelled as a leader, becoming the Chief Representative of an international interior design firm at 29. She later helmed a Fortune 500 real estate firm, achieving highest revenue rankings in the North Asia region through innovation and creative solutions. Her experience equips her with the ability to drive positive change in organisations worldwide.