Amy Amrita Daga

Amy Amrita Daga

Senior Trainer and Consultant

Amy’s expertise lies in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Cross Cultural Competency, Global Leadership and creating a Culture of Service within organizations. She has successfully consulted and conducted training programs in these areas for organizations across the globe, (Japan, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, South Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar, UAE, Singapore, India and UK etc).

A Gold-medalist in Hotel Management for her Undergraduate studies, Amy pursued her Masters in Management at the University of Essex, UK. In addition, she holds Trainer Certifications in Culture for Business from Trompenaars Hampden-Turner (Netherlands), Global Leadership by Prof. Robert Moran (Thunderbird University, USA), Transnational Leadership by Prof. Beth Fisher-Yoshida (Columbia University, USA) and Teaching in Higher Education by Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore). She is a qualified counsellor and coach by the Association for Talent Development (USA).

In a career spanning 25 plus years, Amy has also successfully run entrepreneurial ventures in addition to working in the private and public sectors. In her previous role, before joining Catalyse, she headed two National Award winning programs presented by the National Integration Council – Diversity.Inclusion.You. (DIY) and Global Community Day (GCD).

Amy has lived and worked in India, UK and Singapore. She calls herself a ‘travelholic’ and her motto is “looking for unity within the diversity”.