Roslina Chai

Roslina Chai

Managing Director and Trainer

A serial entrepreneur and a veteran innovation practitioner, Roslina Chai works with senior leadership teams on strategy, innovation and high-stakes communication as a coach, consultant and facilitator. A lawyer by training, Roslina has built and nurtured high performing teams several times over in 3 continents, in the corporate, SME and public sector in New Zealand, Malaysia, China and Singapore. Her industry expertise include private equity, Formula 1 technology, F&B, digital technology, and executive education.

As a consultant and workshop designer, Roslina’s signature is widely acknowledged as creating embodied learning experiences that facilitate deep mindset shifts.

Roslina holds three degrees in law, arts, and commerce from the University of Canterbury, and is currently completing a doctorate with École des Ponts, researching the intersection of innovation, authenticity, and conversations.

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