Rain Khoo

“I no longer dream of a better world. I have decided to work on it. Organisations have great potential to deliver positive social change at scale. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion creates the work environment to enable this.” Rain brings two decades of diverse experience to his current role, with a background that spans MNCs, Government, […]

Penelope Shone 

Penny is a specialist in reputation management, culture change, strategy and performance. As a Managing Director at Citigroup and then General Electric, Penny led regional and global teams through culture change, public affairs strategy, issues management, social innovation and brand marketing for 20 years. Prior to this, she consulted for the world’s largest communications agencies […]

Pauline Gan

“If we can raise awareness about the unconscious biases that every one of us has, and if that can lead to changed behaviour—one individual, one department of an organisation at a time—then I think that this small spark will make for better workplaces and, ultimately, better lives.” Pauline is a lawyer by training with a […]

Caroline Callow

Caroline is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) specialist who sees herself as a change agent in nurturing inclusive workplace environments. With a Master’s in Occupational Psychology (Birkbeck, University of London), she melds a people-centric approach with nearly two decades of deep domain knowledge in catalysing organisational development (OD).  Having lived across diverse cultures, Caroline […]

Chie van Slobbe

“The more I encounter different cultures, the more I find common values and similarities among diverse individuals. Other people fascinate me and there is always something to learn, even as a trainer. Seeing the impact that our programmes have on individuals—receiving a comment or two about how a session has created awareness, realisation, and a […]

Cynthia Chan

“Growing up in the US, I was one of only two Chinese students in my school. Later working for the US Air Force, a male-dominated environment, I experienced firsthand the profound impact of being ‘different’. This journey taught me the critical importance of embracing everyone’s uniqueness, ensuring fairness, and fostering a sense of belonging. It […]

Corinna Lim

Corinna is a respected leader in Singapore’s non-profit sector, known for transforming AWARE from a volunteer-led entity to a professionally-staffed organisation. She has been a passionate advocate for over three decades, addressing social issues like discrimination, workplace harassment, single parenting, and LGBTQ+ rights. With a diverse background in law and founding a successful tech startup, […]