How Your Startup Can Promote Diverse Hiring and Inclusive Leadership

How Your Startup Can Promote Diverse Hiring and Inclusive Leadership

Diverse Hiring and Inclusive Leadership Is How Startups Thrive

The biggest challenge for any startup founder is to achieve high productivity from a lean team with a tight budget. Shortages in local talent and stiff competition from larger employers are major obstacles that startups in Singapore must overcome in order to succeed. Many local startup founders already hire diverse talent only to struggle with integrating teams of different capabilities, genders, ages and cultural backgrounds.

Come, join Roslina Chai and Laurindo Garcia from Catalyse Consulting for a panel discussion with Beverly Dolor from WeWork on 20th August, 2019. At this discussion, founders and hiring managers will be able to:

  • Learn how inclusive recruitment practices can help startups gain the competitive edge in the Singapore talent market.
  • Gain tips on nurturing an inclusive workplace culture that enables diverse teams to become high performing teams.
  • Hear case studies of Singapore startups who have led successfully through inclusion.

Roslina and Laurindo are both serial entrepreneurs with a background in tech startups in Asia. Catalyse Consulting is a proud member of the WeWork Community.

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