Harassment Prevention and Consulting

At Catalyse, we specialise in providing consulting services to corporates & institutes of higher learning in the area of workplace harassment. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in this field and can help your organisation develop effective policies and procedures to prevent and manage harassment in the workplace.

One of our key services is drafting workplace harassment policies. We begin by conducting a comprehensive review of your existing policies, including any global head office policies that may be applicable. We then take into consideration best practices and local law in Singapore to develop a customised policy that is tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.



Our policy scope includes

  • A clear definition of harassment,
  • Clear procedures for reporting incidents of harassment,
  • A well-defined investigation process,
  • An appeal process,
  • Timelines
  • Remedial action and penalties,
  • Confidentiality protections for all parties involved,
  • A communication plan for the policy.


We will also work with your organisation to establish reasonable timelines for the investigation and conclusion of harassment cases, taking into consideration the complexity of the case, the resources of the organisation, and any legal or regulatory requirements. We will also develop an appeal procedure that is fair, transparent, and consistent with best practices.

Policies should ensure that reporting party and the accused are treated with fairness and respect during the investigation process, as it not only affects them but also the well-being of other staff. Strong policies create a culture of fairness, safety, and loyalty, leading to a positive work environment for all.


Roll Out & Training

In addition to developing a comprehensive workplace harassment policy, we can also help your organisation roll out the policy through targeted training programs. Our training programs are designed to educate HR professionals, managers, and staff on the policy’s content and procedures, as well as how to identify and prevent workplace harassment.


Our Clients & Expertise

We have helped clients draft policies from scratch as well as advised on changes to those with existing policies to bring them into line with best practices. Likewise we have helped many large corporates write a local policy in line with global guidelines and local law. Our clients have included universities and other tertiary education institutions, local corporates, and international corporates with local branches.

Let’s Talk

Our goal is to help you create a safe and respectful workplace where all employees feel valued and protected. If you’re looking to develop a workplace harassment policy that is both comprehensive and effective, come talk to us about how we may help.