Building Inclusive Workplaces – RISE to THRIVE

We empower organisations to build RISE workplace cultures that are
 Respectful, Inclusive, Safe & Equitable for all employees.

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Areas of Excellence

Areas of Excellence

Anti Harassment and Discrimination

We offer a range of engaging workshops and trainings focused on promoting RISE workplaces – environments that are Respectful, Inclusive, Safe and Equitable. Our thought-provoking, interactive and fun sessions provide a nuanced understanding of topics such as harassment, bullying, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We collaborate with clients to foster diverse, inclusive workplaces by providing strategic guidance, evaluating inclusivity, implementing effective interventions, and delivering tailored training to enhance inclusion and tackle unconscious bias.

RISE Leadership

We empower organisations to foster inclusive workplaces by providing expert advice and training to promote inclusive leadership, including male allyship initiatives, to foster a supportive environment for all.

What We Do

Training, Coaching, and Development
We offer a variety of workshops, trainings,
and online modules.

Our trainings are designed to help you build safe and inclusive workplaces where people can truly maximise their potential.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Consulting
We develop customised programs to help you achieve your DEI goals. This includes setting objectives, conducting data analysis, creating strategies and initiatives, and continually improving the program through feedback and evaluation processes.
Harassment Prevention
Managing conflict, unprofessional conduct, or other tensions in the workplace benefits from the expertise and neutrality of a third party. We support management through cultural assessments, incident investigation skills training, and facilitated discussions.

Our Team

Corinna Lim
Cynthia Chan
Chie van Slobbe
Caroline Callow
Pauline Gan
Rain Khoo
Penelope Shone
Queenie Ung
Nicholas Tang
Corinna Lim

Corinna Lim

Executive Director, AWARE
Senior Consultant & Keynote Speaker

Corinna is a respected leader in Singapore’s non-profit sector, known for transforming AWARE from a volunteer-led entity to a professionally-staffed organisation.

She has been a passionate advocate for over three decades, addressing social issues like discrimination, workplace harassment, single parenting, and LGBTQ+ rights.

With a diverse background in law and founding a successful tech startup, Corinna also established the Sexual Assault Care Centre and launched Catalyse Consulting.

Leveraging her experience, legal expertise, and Organisation Development training (NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science), she trains, advises, and supports organisations to promote safe, respectful and inclusive workplaces.

Fun facts: She interviewed Michelle Obama during a special event in Singapore, and as an identical twin, she embraces the power of nurture over nature. Corinna is a highly sought-after speaker on women’s rights and DEI.

Cynthia Chan

Cynthia Chan

Lead Coach + Director, Head of Business Strategy

Cynthia is a renowned corporate innovator and workplace strategist, studying workplace habits, behaviour, and cultural biases while promoting diversity and inclusion throughout her 27-year career. Her designs have garnered global acclaim, attracting prestigious clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, Ogilvy, Citigroup, HSBC, Barclays, GE, and more.

At Catalyse, Cynthia leads initiatives to empower organisations in building RISE workplace cultures that are Respectful, Inclusive, Safe & Equitable. As a certified Executive Organisational Coach, she spearheads the 1-on-1 Coaching Service, providing unwavering support to individuals on their professional growth journeys while prioritising diversity and inclusion.

Cynthia’s journey reflects her commitment to creating inclusive environments. As an immigrant and one of two Chinese students in her school, she understands the importance of diversity. Her character and voice were discovered while working in the predominantly male-dominated field of Flight Simulators for the US Air Force.

Cynthia excelled as a leader, becoming the Chief Representative of an international interior design firm at 29. She later helmed a Fortune 500 real estate firm, achieving highest revenue rankings in the North Asia region through innovation and creative solutions. Her experience equips her with the ability to drive positive change in organisations worldwide.

Chie van Slobbe

Chie van Slobbe

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Chie is a highly experienced learning professional with a demonstrated history of delivering high impact and relevant learning solutions.

With a strong background in development and delivery, Chie has honed her expertise in train-the- trainer programs through her work as a master trainer for HSBC’s leadership programs across 21 markets in the Asia Pacific region. She had a successful career in Sales before transitioning into a learning and development role. Her work in diversity and inclusion, including the rollout of the Inclusive Leadership program at Standard Chartered Bank, led her to volunteer at AWARE after moving to Singapore with her family.

Chie is a certified IECL Level 2 Organisational Coach, an accredited trainer for Everything DiSC, Facet 5 and a Human Centred Design Practitioner.

She volunteers as coach with Uplifters, supporting foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Caroline Callow

Caroline Callow

Senior Consultant and OD Facilitator

Caroline is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion specialist, who partners with organisations to help build and nurture Respectful, Inclusive, Safe and Equitable workplaces.

As Senior Consultant, she has led the development of a range of organisational development DEI solutions for multinational corporations, educational institutes and government-linked organisations across APAC, EMEA and the UK, including Walt Disney, Grab, Air B&B, PwC, Riot Games, National University of Singapore, City Development Limited, National Gallery Singapore, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

With a Masters in Occupational Psychology (Birkbeck, University of London), Caroline has a background in catalysing organisational development. She is passionate about nurturing inclusive environments where all talent are treated with fairness and respect – regardless of their identity markers.

A naturally curious and drive self-starter, Caroline is registered with the British Psychological Society to use BPS psychometric testing in occupational, ability and personality.

Pauline Gan

Pauline Gan

Senior Consultant

Pauline is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in law, education, and the arts. After graduating from NUS with an LL.B. (2nd Upper) Honours degree, she practised corporate litigation and corporate law at one of Singapore’s leading law firms.

She subsequently joined the Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, where she was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Master’s in Law at Harvard University. Upon returning, Pauline taught company law, insolvency, corporate rescue, and negotiations at undergraduate and postgraduate (MBA) levels.

Her passion for the arts eventually led her to pursue a Master’s in Asian Art Histories and to co-found Plural, a leading online magazine dedicated to modern and contemporary Southeast Asian art. Through Plural, Pauline has made significant contributions to promoting critical discourse in the visual arts in Singapore and beyond.

Pauline has had a longstanding relationship with AWARE as a member and a volunteer, and is delighted to now serve as senior consultant with Catalyse to create safer, more inclusive, and diverse workplaces.

Rain Khoo

Rain Khoo


Rain brings 20 years of experience in MNCs, Government, Start-ups and SMEs. His passion lies in fusing different disciplines to create original solutions that balance human dignity and business objectives.

As a General Manager, he led the transformation of a 350-person, 3 country retailer into eCommerce. When he was a Creative Director at Procter & Gamble, he used user-centricity to drive innovation, including those for human resources. He was awarded for ground-breaking work on market insight, and has conducted user research across APAC, US and Europe.

He co-founded, Singapore’s volunteer-run resource site. TransSG enabled safe access to healthcare and de-stigmatisation of individuals. He holds a certification for Diversity and Inclusion from the ESSEC Business School.

Rain is also the founder of Dignité Brands, which works on impact businesses. He serves in the P&G Alumni (Singapore) committee and is a mentor with Singapore’s Management University’s Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. He is certified as a management consultant by TUV.

Penelope Shone

Penelope Shone

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Penny is a specialist in reputation management, culture change, strategy and performance. As a Managing Director at Citigroup and then General Electric, Penny led regional and global teams through culture change, public affairs strategy, issues management, social innovation and brand marketing for 20 years. Prior to this, she consulted for the world’s largest communications agencies with public sector, national and multinational clients in the UK and Asia.

Penny is  a dynamic and engaging trainer who brings her love of engaging with people to Catalyse. She has in-depth knowledge of Singapore and global markets, international leadership and talent development.

She holds a Master’s degree in Public Management from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore, and a Master’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Stirling, UK.

Queenie Ung

Queenie Ung

Junior Executive

Queenie is a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from the Australian National University. She was the Deputy Officer at the Women’s Department where she managed a team to create a safe, inclusive, and intersectional community for female and non-binary students. She advocated for student rights within the university institution and worked to enact student policies that would better recognise and meet student needs.

She has joined the Catalyse team as part of her New Colombo Plan Scholarship Programme with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. She is greatly looking forward to forging deeper connections with her colleagues and working collaboratively to create respectful, inclusive, safe and equitable workplaces for all.

Nicholas Tang

Nicholas Tang

Executive, Communications & Marketing

Nicholas holds both a diploma and a degree in Business Marketing. He is known for his introspective nature and unceasing commitment to personal growth in all aspects of life.

Previously, Nicholas held the role of Head of Marketing at a successful mental health startup, aligning perfectly with his and Catalyse’s vision of fostering positive change. He strives to integrate corporate success with a mission-driven ethos to serve as a powerful illustration of how businesses can not only thrive in their markets but also contribute positively to society.

Nicholas believes that prioritising mental health should be at the forefront of everyone’s life journey and is dedicated to normalising the sharing of mental health experiences, ensuring that they are addressed and supported. This philosophy deeply resonates with his professional pursuits, where he endeavours to create an environment that values well-being and encourages a culture of empathy and inclusiveness.


Having worked with Catalyse back in 2022 for their MBPE programme, we engaged with them once again to lead a DE&I training for all our team members. As expected from our experience working with Catalyse last year, the sessions were highly interactive and informative, taking a subject matter that is not always straightforward and helping to educate the team in a safe space. The Catalyse team were responsive and discussed the full curriculum with us in advance meaning that we could work together to ensure that all content was relevant and in line with our company DE&I agenda. 


An excellent facilitator who managed to lead the workshop discussions (on a potentially sensitive topic) with professionalism and grace; numerous positive feedbacks were received from the participants…

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

The trainer understood our organizational challenges very well, … [ensuring that] our team members were united toward clear organizational goals after participating in this interactive workshop.

Konica Minolta

I want to thank you for one of the most entertaining and effective talks I had attended on Workplace Harassment … You delivered the talk with aplomb!

Katoen Natie

Catalyse provided much-needed clarity, and immediately after our meeting, we adopted and put in place harassment and anti-retaliation policies … One of the biggest takeaway for us is the appreciation that harassment must be dealt with at the level of the organisation, and not just the individuals.