Shalini Surandran

Shalini Surandran

Junior Executive

Shalini is a Social Science student with a major in psychology. She has also been an intern with AWARE at the Sexual Assault Care Centre previously. Shalini is committed to issues such as racial inequalities and gendered violence, abuse and trauma in Singapore. Shalini believes in the values AWARE stands for and hopes to contribute to its mission of eradicating all forms of gender-based barriers.

She has also served as a Student Learning Advisor at her university, facilitating group discussions to help students with challenges faced in their respective courses. She was also part of the Peer Mentor team at her university, where she volunteered to assist students with their assignments. Shalini enjoys interacting with people and is a strong proponent of exercising empathy and emotional intelligence as relational work skills.

As a junior executive at Catalyse, Shalini wishes to deepen her insights as to what organizations do in order to promote diversity and inclusion as well as to learn more about the loopholes that exist within policies that influence workplace harassment and cultural challenges. Shalini also advocates for the importance of representation in organizations where minorities feel validated, creating a collaborative work environment where ideas are diverse and perspectives are varied.

Shalini is currently completing her final year studies in Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) at RMIT University from Melbourne.