Serene Tan

Serene Tan

Research Associate

Serene is a researcher with a background in communications and psychology. Highly inquisitive by nature, she dives into every challenge and emerges with a head full of ideas and a heart fuelled by passion.

As a devout believer of evidence-based lifelong learning, Serene puts her analytical instinct to work through any endeavour.

From working in the Ministry of Social and Family Development to volunteering in the local branch of Narcotics Anonymous, Serene lives and searches for the great equalizer – one that rids humanity of our unsubstantiated biases is focused on highlighting the differences that separate us. Instead, she is determined to bridge all gaps by demonstrating that our similarities are quintessential in collaborating on a path forward. Serene’s firm belief in story-telling as a learning medium sustains her faith that music and video games capture and translate the zeitgeist of the era into palatable bites. In her downtime, she is either composing instrumentals on the piano while adding twists with technology or traversing through another universe on the back of a mouse and a keyboard.

Aside from playing minion to her cats, Serene also pores through texts of philosophers, both classical and contemporary alike. She maintains that history does not repeat, but will rhyme should we fail to understand its rich lessons.

Serene has a BA in Psychology from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York and is currently pursuing her MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at King’s College London.