Managing Professional Boundaries in the Workplace

Managing Professional Boundaries in the Workplace

How do we set healthy boundaries at work?

While we’ve made tremendous progress around gender bias and equality, harassment in the workplace remains a delicate topic in Singapore.

Workplace harassment is any unwelcome conduct that arises from work, which causes harassment, alarm or distress to another person. It can violate a person’s dignity or create an unfavourable work environment for him/her.

In the case of sexual harassment, there is also the taboo associated with talking about sexual assault and victims are often afraid of losing their jobs and a steady source of income.

In more recent years, the statistics from AWARE’s Sexual Assault Care Centre, who have been tracking complaints about workplace sexual harassment, confirm that sexual harassment continues to be a problem. It may also be a sign that people are becoming better educated about avenues to report such incidents.

Workplace harassment negatively impacts workplace culture as well. Research shows that it undermines employee morale and can cause productivity to decline.

Managing Professional Boundaries is a sharing session devoted to real conversations about the different forms of harassment at work. In this session participants will learn:

– How to recognize workplace harassment

– How to handle harassment situations and to do so in an assertive yet tactful manner

– How to draw boundaries diplomatically

– Techniques and tips for being an active by-stander.

– What support services are available

It is never too late to start meaningful transformations to your workplace. Come, join us on 19th June!

Speaker: Roslina Chai, Managing Director of Catalyse Consulting