Managing Professional Boundaries for Managers

Catalyse’s Managing Professional Boundaries for Managers will enhance managers’ ability to address workplace harassment.

Through in-depth discussions and practical exercises, participants will gain a thorough understanding of harassment definitions and the importance of setting and maintaining professional boundaries. 

The session is peppered with various engaging activities from video, quizzes, group discussions to reflection. Real case studies will also be used to provide practical strategies and insights. Participants will practice conducting first-response conversations and learn how to refer employees to the appropriate support channels.

Our workshop is designed in alignment with the Protection From Harassment Act 2014 and the MOM Advisory on Managing Workplace Harassment, ensuring managers are equipped to confidently handle workplace harassment, create a safe work environment, and meet compliance requirements.

Programme Goals

  • Describe the term harassment, bullying, cyber-bullying, and sexual harassment
  • Identify the types of unwelcome behaviour that may arise in work settings
  • Learn how to handle uncomfortable situations as an affected person, active bystander, or alleged harasser through the OFNR method and 3-D techniques
  • Share insights of cultural differences and examples of areas of misunderstanding
  • Reflect on the power and privilege that Managerial roles may have; and Engage active listening and empathic responses when receiving harassment complaints

OPTIONAL: Pre-course questionnaire included so our team can better understand questions/concerns from your organisation 

What participants have to say

Great initiative! Will definitely help in building a strong inclusive culture

L.E.K Consulting