First Responder’s Training

Catalyse’s interactive workshop trains First Responders how to effectively respond to formal complaints with empathy, clarity and confidence.

Sexual Harassment / Assault is more common than we realise. A First Responder (FR), as the name suggests, is the first person with whom someone chooses to share their experience of potential sexual assault or harassment. FRs play a critical role in helping these victims, by listening, supporting and reporting.

This workshop is designed for First Responders in their workplaces, where they may be required to handle complaints of harassment / assault. The session will review their knowledge of sexual misconduct and the policies, processes and infrastructure available in their workplace. It will clearly outline the role of the FR and boundaries of their responsibility.

This sensitive topic will be practical with the intention of maximum impact for action. It will be based on case studies of sexual harassment and assault. Role plays will further enhance the opportunity for participants to listen empathetically and practice responses as an FR.

Programme Goals

  • Understand what constitutes sexual assault and harassment
  • Learn Singapore’s legal framework on sexual assault and consent
  • Discuss impact of sexual assault and trauma on survivors
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of a First Responder
  • Learn how to provide support to survivors of sexual assault and harassment
  • Learn key skills such as ensuring safety, active listening and empathy

What participants have to say

Thank you! Information was great and the training was very dynamic.

Banyan Tree Holdings