StepOut & SpeakUp

StepOut & SpeakUp

Suitable for: Anyone who wants to gain the courage to speak up with confidence and conviction, who wants to be heard, and to know that his or her voice matters
Format: Virtual-instructor-led online (workshop conducted live, using the Zoom platform)
Duration: 5 x 3.5 hours

For those of us who’ve experienced the dry mouth, short breath, fast-beating heart symptoms; at the thought of saying something at a team meeting, during a conversation with one’s supervisor, or even a seemingly innocent team lunch; know that ”speaking up” is so much more than the words and voice. It is in essence about Conviction in the worthiness of our opinion, Courage to offer it publicly regardless of how we feel, and Confidence in our ability to communicate exactly what we intend.

Conviction is grounded in a sense of “who we are”, i.e. our identity, which is not the same as purpose. Whilst it is important to know one’s purpose, the reality is that we won’t always know. This program introduces a reframing tool that grounds you in a solid sense of identity so that you may consistently orient yourself to a north star.

Courage is heightened with knowledge of how to work with our body’s natural rhythm. This program introduces the basic neuroscience of attention, memory, emotions and habits to enable you to turn debilitating stress into uplifting challenge.

Confidence increases with mastering skills of how to use one’s “voice”. Here, we delve more deeply into working with voice, body and compassionate communication* that remains an authentic expression of who you are.

Grounded in theatre-based modalities, this experiential program brings to life the practical aspects of neuroscience learnings.