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The Importance of Getting Names Right at Work

Have you ever experienced the discomfort and awkwardness of having your name mispronounced or misspelt at work? You’re not alone.  However, getting someone’s name right is not just about avoiding awkward moments or miscommunication; it’s about showing respect, promoting inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and nurturing a sense of belonging for all. Here’s a breakdown of why Read More

The Hidden Cost of Toxic Culture

A toxic culture inflicts damage that often remains unseen. It seeps into the everyday lives and mindsets of employees, corroding morale, productivity, and trust. While the manifestations of a toxic culture are frequently alarming, the real costs tend to accumulate gradually over time.

Why anti-harassment programmes are often ineffective

This op-ed was originally published in The Business Times on 5 February 2021. Ask any company how it plans to combat workplace sexual harassment, and it will likely mention “anti-harassment training”. Sounds great in theory. But, in practice, are anti-harassment training programmes really effective? The short answer is: it depends. On their content, their delivery Read More

Are you ready to bring diversity to your workplace?

by Roslina Chai, Managing Director, Catalyse Consulting and Ranjana Sabu, Content Creator It is the right thing to do. It is the smart thing to do. Bringing diversity of thought, shaped by dissimilar perspectives – be it culture, education, gender, or age – to the workplace is critical to be relevant in today’s world. Reports Read More

Challenging Business-As-Usual With Cognitive Diversity

By Laurindo Garcia, Content Lead – Catalyse Consulting It’s a typical day in the office for Melissa – a senior executive of a family-owned manufacturing business in the health sector grappling with a rapidly changing business climate in Singapore. Melissa’s economic forecast is looking stormy. Increasing trade protectionism and political unrest is creating upheaval in Read More

Celebrate Diversity Through Your Employees

By Laurindo Garcia, Content Lead – Catalyse Consulting Celebrating diversity in the workplace is nothing new in Singapore and other parts of Asia. An example lies in a tradition that many Singapore companies observe during lunar new year festivities. Imagine hordes of company employees crowding around a round dining table reciting chinese proverbs in loud Read More

The #FutureOfWork Is Here

By Laurindo Garcia, Content Lead – Catalyse Consulting The future of work has been a catchphrase for people managers in Asia over the past couple of years. In fact, the future has already arrived at many companies where automation and augmentation of business processes is already in full swing. Meanwhile other companies are at their Read More

Leading Inclusively In Asia

By Laurindo Garcia, Content Lead – Catalyse Consulting As a people manager in Asia you may be accustomed to hierarchical cultures at work. A top-down, ‘command and control’ style of leadership has been the playbook of choice for business leaders in Asia for generations. Leading with a caring yet autocratic approach has certainly yielded results Read More

Designing For Racial Inclusion

By Laurindo Garcia, Content Lead – Catalyse Consulting In the 1950s, Kodak revolutionised photography by making colour photography affordable for the mass market. However there was one significant flaw in Kodak’s early technology for processing colour film: their process routinely produced photographs that rendered dark-skinned people poorly compared to the vividness of lighter-skinned people. An Read More

A Business Case For Inclusion In Asia

Many companies in Asia are on the path towards rapid expansion across the region’s highly fragmented market. Unprecedented technological disruption and a shortage of people with skills in creativity and innovation are common headwinds that fast-growing companies face. According to research from PWC in 2018, over 90% of Singapore business leaders believe a solution lies Read More