Building an Inclusive Workplace

This workshop teaches participants how to create a more respectful and diverse workplace by understanding cultural diversity and micro-behaviours. It provides practical tools and strategies for promoting equity, inclusion, and employee well-being.

Intro to Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Embracing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is key to a thriving workforce. Our interactive workshop raises awareness and expands understanding of DEI’s multifaceted nature. Participants learn how they can contribute to fostering an inclusive workplace culture, preparing them to actively engage in DEI initiatives for organisational success in today’s diverse business landscape.

Managing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Explore biases, minimise effects, and foster inclusion. Join our interactive session to openly discuss biases, cultivate diversity, and empower team members. Build an inclusive culture where everyone belongs, maximising collaboration and diverse insights.

1:1 Coaching: Managing Unprofessional Behaviour

Embark on a powerful journey of personal growth and development with our 1-1 Coaching program. Led by experienced coaches, these transformative sessions address unwanted workplace behaviours, providing you with actionable tools and strategies to create a more equitable, safe, and inclusive environment.

Building an Inclusive Campus

Join our Building an Inclusive and Respectful Campus workshop to empower faculty members in addressing sexual misconduct and fostering a safer environment within Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs).

Managing Professional Boundaries For Employees

Empower employees to create a respectful workplace. Our interactive workshop explores workplace discomfort, bullying, and harassment. Engage in activities, real-life stories, and practical tips to recognise and address unwelcome behaviour. Learn the power of speaking up, respecting boundaries, and intervening early. Foster a culture of respect and inclusivity among employees.`

Managing Professional Boundaries for Managers

Join our Managing Professional Boundaries for Managers workshop and enhance your ability to address workplace harassment. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, you’ll gain a deep understanding of harassment definitions and the importance of maintaining professional boundaries.

Managing Professional Boundaries for Leaders

Join our transformative workshop designed for senior leaders. Explore building inclusive organizations, role modeling positive company culture, and addressing workplace harassment. Gain valuable insights and enhance your leadership skills in a dynamic and interactive session. Navigate workplace challenges with confidence.

Non-Violent Communication

Develop compassionate communication skills, cultivate self-compassion, and build genuine connections. Join us to unlock the power of empathic communication for profound change.

Active Bystander Training

Catalyse’s Active Bystander Training workshop equips employees and leaders to be active bystanders, fostering inclusivity and respect. Through interactive exercises, participants learn to recognise and address unwanted behaviour effectively, creating safer work environments.