Building Inclusive Workplaces
We partner with organisations to build Respectful, Inclusive, Safe and Empathic workplaces where people can maximise their potential.

Building Inclusive Workplaces – RISE to THRIVE

We empower organisations to build RISE workplace cultures that are
 Respectful, Inclusive, Safe & Empathetic for all employees.

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Areas of Excellence

Areas of Excellence

Anti Harassment and Discrimination

We offer a range of engaging workshops and trainings focused on promoting RISE workplaces – environments that are Respectful, Inclusive, Safe and Equitable. Our thought-provoking, interactive and fun sessions provide a nuanced understanding of topics such as harassment, bullying, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We collaborate with clients to foster diverse, inclusive workplaces by providing strategic guidance, evaluating inclusivity, implementing effective interventions, and delivering tailored training to enhance inclusion and tackle unconscious bias.

RISE Leadership

We empower organisations to foster inclusive workplaces by providing expert advice and training to promote inclusive leadership, including male allyship initiatives, to foster a supportive environment for all.

What We Do

Training, Coaching, and Development
We offer a variety of workshops, trainings,
and online modules.

Our trainings are designed to help you build safe and inclusive workplaces where people can truly maximise their potential.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Consulting
We develop customised programs to help you achieve your DEI goals. This includes setting objectives, conducting data analysis, creating strategies and initiatives, and continually improving the program through feedback and evaluation processes.
Harassment Prevention
Managing conflict, unprofessional conduct, or other tensions in the workplace benefits from the expertise and neutrality of a third party. We support management through cultural assessments, incident investigations, and mediation.

Our Team

Corinna Lim
Caroline Callow
Rain Khoo
Amy Amrita Daga
Penelope Shone
Chie van Slobbe
Pooja Kundalia
Corinna Lim

Corinna Lim

Executive Director, AWARE
Senior Consultant & Keynote Speaker

A well respected leader in Singapore’s non-profit world, Corinna led the transformation of AWARE from a volunteer-led organisation to a professionally staffed organisation that substantially increased in size and impact. Under Corinna’s leadership, AWARE today works with all sectors of society, from individuals to civic organisations to governmental bodies to private organisations.

For more than 3 decades, Corinna’s commitment to issues such as gender-equal workplaces, workplace harassment, and domestic violence had been unwavering. On the basis of her leadership in these areas, Corinna was selected to interview Michelle Obama during the one evening Michelle was on stage in Singapore.

Corinna draws from her entrepreneurial, management and leadership experience, her expertise in law, gender equality and diversity inclusion and her Organisation Development lens (NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science), to provide training and consultancy in workplace harassment, diversity and inclusion and developing high performing teams.

Prior to AWARE, Corinna founded and ran a successful technology start up, Bizibody Technology, and practised law at Allen & Gledhill, Khattar Wong and Partners, and Koh Ong Partners.

Caroline Callow

Caroline Callow

Senior Consultant and OD Facilitator

Caroline is passionate about catalysing organisational development.  She is committed to helping organisations contribute to creating a better world for all.  As an international specialist in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and harassment prevention in the workplace, she offers a rich expertise gathered through implementing DEI initiatives across cultures and industries.  Her impact as a change agent has resulted in the sustained improvement of Respectful, Inclusive, Safe and Empathic workplaces.

Prior to joining Catalyse in 2019, she headed the Organisational and Staff Development department in Save the Children, Myanmar and later provided OD consultancy services in the Seychelles, most notably for the Seychelles Revenue Commission, Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Seychelles Police Force as part of their ongoing cultural reforms.

Caroline has extensive experience of working in the UK National Health Service.  As the Postgraduate Medical Education Manager, she had management responsibility for the delivery and evaluation of professional teachings, training programmes for approximately 500 junior doctors and specialty trainees spanning six divisions in a busy teaching hospital, the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.  She rose through the ranks and later joined the South West Ambulance Service as the OD and Workforce Development Manager where she formed part of the national steering group contributing to the development of the NHS leadership model (2013). Her last posting in the NHS before relocating to Myanmar was with the South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit, a non-profit making part of the NHS, providing support and transformation services to health and care systems.  

Caroline holds a Master’s degree in Occupational Psychology.  She is registered with the British Psychological Society to use BPS psychometric testing in occupational, ability and personality and lives in Singapore.

Rain Khoo

Rain Khoo


Rain brings 20 years of experience in MNCs, Government, Start-ups and SMEs, where he held management roles and worked across Asia and global markets. His interest lies in fusing different disciplines to create original solutions that balance human dignity and business objectives. He is a purpose-led leader and coach.

He led the transformation of a brick-and-mortar retailer into eCommerce across three countries as a General Manager. As a Creative Director at Procter & Gamble, he utilised user-insight approaches to drive innovation, including those for human resources. He has conducted design thinking workshops for over 15 years, fusing it with other management tools for more impactful delivery.

He co-founded, Singapore’s volunteer-run resource site for the transgender community. The work enabled transparent access to healthcare and de-stigmatisation of individuals. He holds a certification for Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace from the ESSEC Business School.

Rain is the founder of Dignité Brands, which delivers environmental and social impact through enterprises. He serves in the P&G Alumni (Singapore) committee, a non-profit organisation. He is certified as a management consultant by TUV and is a Project Management Institute certified practitioner.

Amy Amrita Daga

Amy Amrita Daga

Senior Trainer and Consultant

Amy’s expertise lies in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Cross Cultural Competency, Global Leadership and creating a Culture of Service within organizations. She has successfully consulted and conducted training programs in these areas for organizations across the globe, (Japan, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, South Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar, UAE, Singapore, India and UK etc).

A Gold-medalist in Hotel Management for her Undergraduate studies, Amy pursued her Masters in Management at the University of Essex, UK. In addition, she holds Trainer Certifications in Culture for Business from Trompenaars Hampden-Turner (Netherlands), Global Leadership by Prof. Robert Moran (Thunderbird University, USA), Transnational Leadership by Prof. Beth Fisher-Yoshida (Columbia University, USA) and Teaching in Higher Education by Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore). She is a qualified counsellor and coach by the Association for Talent Development (USA).

In a career spanning 25 plus years, Amy has also successfully run entrepreneurial ventures in addition to working in the private and public sectors. In her previous role, before joining Catalyse, she headed two National Award winning programs presented by the National Integration Council – Diversity.Inclusion.You. (DIY) and Global Community Day (GCD).

Amy has lived and worked in India, UK and Singapore. She calls herself a ‚Äėtravelholic‚Äô and her motto is ‚Äúlooking for unity within the diversity‚ÄĚ.

Penelope Shone

Penelope Shone

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Penny is a specialist in reputation management, culture change, strategy and performance. As a Managing Director at Citigroup and then General Electric, Penny led regional and global teams through culture change, public affairs strategy, issues management, social innovation and brand marketing for 20 years. Prior to this, she consulted for the world’s largest communications agencies with public sector, national and multinational clients in the UK and Asia.

Penny is  a dynamic and engaging trainer who brings her love of engaging with people to Catalyse. She has in-depth knowledge of Singapore and global markets, international leadership and talent development.

She holds a Master’s degree in Public Management from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore, and a Master’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Stirling, UK.

Chie van Slobbe

Chie van Slobbe

Facilitator and Consultant for Business Operations

Chie is a highly experienced learning professional with a demonstrated history of delivering high impact and relevant learning solutions.

With a strong background in learning consultation, development, and delivery, Chie has honed her expertise in train-the-trainer programs through her work as a master trainer for HSBC’s core leadership programs across 21 markets in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to this, she had a successful career in the airline and banking industries, where she excelled as a frontliner before transitioning into learning and relationship management roles. Her work in diversity and inclusion, including the rollout of the Inclusive Leadership program at Standard Chartered Bank, led her to volunteer at AWARE after moving to Singapore with her family.

Chie is a certified IECL Level 2 Organisational Coach, and an accredited trainer for Everything DiSC, Facet 5 and a Human Centred Design Practitioner.

Aside from supporting Catalyse’s business operations and facilitating some of its programmes, she supports foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong and Singapore by volunteering as a coach and mentor with Uplifters.

Pooja Kundalia

Pooja Kundalia

Junior Executive

Pooja is passionate about advocacy and creating social change. She is currently pursuing a gap year before her university studies and has been working with Catalyse as a Junior Executive since February 2023. 

At Catalyse, Pooja has had the opportunity to shadow various training sessions conducted by Catalyse, gaining insights into creating respectful, inclusive, and empathetic workplaces. She has observed experienced trainers in action and contributed to the creation of graphic design elements and research for these sessions. Pooja has also been involved in exciting projects, including collaborating with her supervisor to develop an interactive simulation on responding to harassment as a bystander. This simulation was showcased at AWARE’s Fair For All event. Pooja has also been involved in Catalyse’s website revamping project, expanding her knowledge in areas like Search Engine Optimisation and gaining hands-on experience with WordPress and Chat GPT.

Prior to working with Catalyse Pooja helped initiate a service club at her high school focused on the upliftment of disadvantaged women, based on Singapore‚Äôs Daughters of Tomorrow NGO. Collaborating with the NGO, she organised a video session to raise awareness about the financial hardships faced by impoverished women in Singapore. Additionally, Pooja and her club members raised funds to purchase laptops, enhancing the employability of these women. Pooja also utilised social media to advocate for women’s inequality issues, publishing informational pieces on subjects such as abortion rights, sexual harassment, and the gender wage gap.

Driven by her desire to create positive change, Pooja continues to actively seek opportunities to contribute to the betterment of society and empower women.